Eloquence News Post 1

Eloquence in an Electronic Age discusses the inner facets of communication and how it has evolved over time, especially in relation to politics. One of the most prominent changes is how communication has become so technological. Political debates, speeches, campaigns used to be showcased in person, written form and only viewed by as many people willing to stand in a field to listen. Now, politicians can travel the country thanks to technological advances, audiences can watch, let alone listen to, debates and speeches with the click of their T.V. remote and people all over the world can access the Internet and view what politicians are saying via their social media in real time! All of it is accessible and shareable. People have the freedom to communicate now by text, phone calls, email, social media, the Internet as a whole with all its known and unknown pathways for social connection and messaging, etc.

New York Times’ article, Judge Orders Written Testimony From Hillary Clinton on Emails, covers the issue where Mrs. Clinton deleted over 30,000 emails sent and received from her personal email account while she served as Secretary of State. Republicans in Congress are vying for perjury charges against Clinton while the director of the F.B.I., James B. Comey Jr. claims Mrs. Clinton has not actually committed a crime. Whatever was being transmitted through that secret server in those numerous emails, it is astonishing how communication has evolved so much over time and how accessible it is to everyone with Internet access. Legally or illegally, those messages were transmitted via technology not realized when those first national leaders were going from town to town speaking in front of small crowds of the common people. Now, information, debates, speeches, articles, and more can be shared and viewed immediately all thanks to technology and how electronics have changed communication.



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