News Post 2 “Bigot” vs “Incompetent Racist”

Similarly to former President Bush’s speech at Penn State, Hilary Clinton did not pull any punches against Donald Trump in her recent speech found at under “Clinton aims to reframe 2016 debate.” Mrs. Clinton spoke at Truckee Meadows Community College in Reno, Nevada this week about how Trump’s campaign has been in direct relation to the “alt-right” movement and has been spreading hate wherever he went since his campaign started by making hate groups mainstream. Unlike Bush’s speech, Clinton did not make any contrasting points to Trump’s shortcomings. It was more of a name-calling game than anything. She says he’s incompetent and a loose canon while he says she’s a bigot who is bad for African Americans and Hispanics. His sudden concern for the Hispanic community especially is strikingly odd considering he claims he wants to build a wall between Mexico and kick out all immigrants, many of whom belong to the Hispanic community. Also, similar to Bush’s speech, Clinton briefly claimed to be for cutting taxes and helping small businesses, but most of her speech was derogatory towards Donald Trump.

Some statements though were much like Stevenson’s speech of an idealistic society. Trump’s been known to make statements of how we need to “make America great again,” “bring our country back” and to “make our country strong again.” There are major issues we need to address as a whole in this country but making generic statements about what needs to be accomplished instead of giving specific plans, stating policies one would implement and other strategies on how we would accomplish such tasks is not going to get the job done. Contrary to Stevenson’s ideas for a New America where most of his plans for the future were peaceful and harmonious, Trump’s linger more in the xenophobic area.


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