News Post 3 Policies, Policies

There is a wonderful article in The Wall Street Journal titled “Where Clinton, Trump Stand,” and it’s a clear comparison of their opinions on all the major topics like jobs and income, national debt, to whether that wall Trump wants to build and Mexico to pay for is a delusion or not. Obviously, yes, it is. They cover it all and compare it all much like the videos and readings do. The first topic is increasing jobs and income, as it is one of the main priorities of the people. Donald Trump says if “we do what we have to do correctly, we can create the biggest economic boom since the New Deal.” What it is we have to do specifically is still unknown to us and possibly Trump as well since he’s offered no real specifics on the topic other than cutting taxes. What an original idea from someone vying for President! Hillary Clinton proposes a re-strengthening of our economy by increased spending on community college education, job training, raising the minimum wage and even backing efforts to improve paid leave for women and access to child care.

Specifics are good. They give the people a clear idea as to where you plan to put forth your efforts and our taxes. They provide an outline of what to expect for the next four years and whether the issues most of the public is concerned about will be addressed and hopefully resolved or not during a term. This article is a great read for anyone wanting to learn more about our candidates’ stances on the most prominent issues our country faces. It’s the topics that will allow voters to make informed decisions about which candidate they want running this country.


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