Reading Post 3 Personality vs. Productivity

So, this week’s readings and videos were very interesting. To start with the short videos, they were what I expected them to be. Trump’s video portrayed him as the typical male talking about his accomplishments, all the people he’s helped, and how he is a supposed visionary for the face of America. What it mostly portrayed was how he helped turn ugly areas of New York into areas of beauty and productivity and how he could continue to do that throughout the country. Granted, doing this would help the economy and provide more jobs, but it all seems superficial and like he’s just fixing the surface of America when there are deeper issues that need addressing. Clinton’s video was grade A stuff. When you have Morgan Freeman as your narrator, you’re not playing around. The man has played the character of God for goodness sakes. A few other well-placed people talking about her achievements and her as a person, such as President Obama and her husband, former President Clinton, came as no surprise. Those are some pretty high references. Clinton’s video spoke more about who she was, her heritage, her involvement in 9/11 and how she was a humble caretaker for the survivors of that tragedy. It showed her experience in politics and how she rallied for those responders in NYC who were getting sick because the air was not safe to work in. It spoke of her political achievements, which when running in the presidential campaign are pretty important things to have in my opinion. The main difference I could see between these two videos was Trump’s spoke more of his accomplishments and Clinton’s spoke more about the type of person she is and how she’d use her care of the American people to better the country. Her video was more genuine and typically aimed more at emotions.

The readings were much the same. Trump’s excerpt from his book again mentioned his structural accomplishments in New York. He’s damn proud of that ice rink he built in three months and under budget. I get how focusing on roads and buildings could help traffic and possibly the economy by creating jobs, but I also feel there are so much more important things that need the government’s focus. The rebuilding of the economy is important but don’t let construction be your only angle to help fix it. Hillary’s excerpt was mostly about the Benghazi attacks, something I’ve been very interested in learning more about. She explained in detail all the variables that played into that situation, the miscommunication, the lack of resources, and more that all contributed to how unprepared the agents were. It was nice to hear in her own words how construed her infamous “what difference does it make?” words were. She explained those words were not for a lack of care for the situation, but that finding the group of terrorists who did this and stopping them from attacking again was more important than why they were attacking. She spoke of how heartbroken she was over this tragedy, over Ambassador Chris Stevens’ death and his family’s support of American presence in our other diplomatic facilities in the world especially Libya, and of all the investigations they conducted and underwent to see what went wrong and how to be better prepared. Marines were dispatched to our diplomatic facilities, more security cameras were put in place, as well as more firearms and means for protection were supplied to all facilities due to this tragic instance. It is mind-blowing a propaganda video insulting a religious figure was a major contributor to all this violence and that Libya wasn’t the only place of unrest this was happening in. Plenty of other American lives were in danger thanks to this video America seemingly had nothing to do with, among other issues. Hillary’s excerpt was definitely more focused on her personal feelings towards the American people, how much she cared about them and all her political efforts to help them, as well as stating in detail her political experience and specifically her actions when dealing with crises such as the Benghazi attacks and 9/11. Both her video and her excerpt were more successful in reaching people. They made me consider voting for her more than I’ve ever considered it before.


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