News Post 4 A Lack of Choices and Apologia

With this year’s election, having a lot to discuss about the opposing campaigns is an understatement. Two things I noticed in the readings were the topics of public antipathy for both political parties as a whole and how candidates have had to publicly either disassociate or apologize for their surrogates or supporters’ claims. Two articles by the New York Times coincidentally touched on both of these topics.

The first article, titled Reliably Red Ohio County Finds Both Trump and Clinton Hard to Stomach, is pretty obvious just by its headline of what it covers. Much like the reading Third Parties and the Two-Party System, this article talks about how many people of this town do not like their choices in candidates. The town has individuals questioning whether Trump is actually a Republican and dislike his “bleak” descriptions of the town’s economy. Hillary Clinton isn’t doing any better with winning them over. Some people are opting for the third party candidate, Gary Johnson simply because he may be a lesser of two evils.

The second article, titled Bill Clinton, After a Year of Restraint, Unleashes an Impassioned Self-Defense, talks mostly about his defense of their family foundation, but does mention when he vocalized his opposition to Barack Obama’s rise in 2008, something that came up many times in the reading On the campaign trail: Apologia of association. In this instance it was Clinton himself who had to engage in apologia, but for this article it appears Trump, as usual, is making grand, offensive claims and even plans to bring up Bill Clinton’s past adultery in the debate with Hillary. I doubt he will engage in anything even resembling apologia though. Again, having a lot to discuss and at the very least be entertained by in this election is something the American people are definitely not lacking.


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