Week 9 News Post:Don’t Let Social Media Decide Your Vote

As I stated before in my reading post, social media is a powerful tool. It has become a major influencer of people, especially Millennials, on how they will vote regarding this year’s election. University of Hawaii researchers did a study at   about how social media affects politics and their findings were pretty interesting. According to their article How Does Social Media Affect Our Political Decisions? people born after 1980 are seemingly “bumping into” information about politics instead of actively seeking it and how and from whom they see it matters in how they feel about the candidates. “Researchers found that those who were engaged with social media were more sensitive to public officials’ relationships with the community than those who were not using social media. And, the type of posts they saw affected the way they felt about candidates” (Riker, Marina). Looking at how the candidates using social media posted or responded was also very influential in how people viewed them. “The way candidates, or their social media staff, responded to comments also affected opinions of candidates. The tone and grammar used, as well as responsiveness to comments, led study participants to develop feelings about candidates’ intelligence and involvement in communities” (Riker, Marina). So from what I can see is that the statistics show people my age aren’t actively seeking information about the candidates but are happening upon it. They tend to like the candidate more if the post about them is from someone they know or admire, and their opinions about the candidates are based on many visual elements such as pictures of them with voters or who tweeted about them. It all seems very lazy to me, and I’m sticking with my original statement that people need to do their research.


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