Reading Post Week 9: Do your research

One of our readings this week was about how being online or social media could affect the election. Their article focused more on how much Facebook groups affected the 2008 election between Barack Obama and John McCain. Thousands of groups were created and many people were talking about all the topics of race, religion, age and everything else under the sun that people were considering when it came to deciding for whom they would vote. Not much has changed with the presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. I checked on Facebook and there are numerous groups for Donald Trump, the top one consisting of 170,609 members as well as many for Hillary Clinton with her top supporting group having around 82,000 members. Her verified Facebook page though has over six million people that like it. Trump’s consisted of over eleven million. For me, I check Facebook daily, but have only seen a few advertisements about the election on the ad section off to the side of my page. Twitter is another story though. Twitter has been abuzz with comments on the election, everyone was talking about the first presidential debate and so many “prominent” figures in society are voicing who they are voting for and who their followers should vote for too. Social media is now a huge influencer of elections and who people will vote for. I highly disagree with famous actors and actresses telling their followers, many of whom are too impressionable, who to vote for because many of them will just because their favorite actor or actress told them to. Politicians presence on social media this election has been just as much a circus act as it is on other media like televised debates, interviews, etc. Social media is a force of nature like never before with all its petitions and how immediately and completely it connects people. Politicians should take advantage of that platform though because it does directly link them to their supporters and the people in general. If someone has a question, they can tweet it or post it somewhere and the candidate or someone in their team can respond. It’s a pretty incredible tool that’s sometimes beneficial to the candidate’s cause and sometimes harmful. That’s just the risk of all social media. But again, I really encourage people to do their own research on the candidates and decide for themselves who they believe the better candidate to be and not just rely on the opinion of some actor or actress. I recently saw a video on this topic and I’ll leave the link below because I can’t tell you how many celebrities vying for a certain candidate and all these fetus followers of there, many of whom are too young to even vote, liking and retweeting the post and claiming they support that candidate too all in the hopes of just gaining that celebrity’s attention for a millisecond. Social media is a powerful tool, very influential, but everyone should do their own research.


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