Week 10 Reading: Direct Mailing

In our readings, A Functional Analysis of Presidential Direct Mail Advertising gave us some insight as to how effective mailing voters can be. Voters show to be more likely to vote for the candidate that mailed them a brochure or flier. These types of brochures or fliers allow for longer, more detailed messages about the candidate so voters feel they know more about this particular candidate over the other. It adds a certain personal touch to campaigning, and unlike spot campaigning on television or radio, it is more private. When an attack or message against an opposing candidate is broadcasted via television or radio or other media, that candidate has ample opportunity to respond and send back either a defense or a counterattack. Mailing voters usually provides somewhat private campaigning between the candidate and the voters. This election has, I feel, mostly been about attacks and everything being public and broadcasted. The last presidential debate was nothing but “he did this” “well she did that.” It is extremely tiring. I also have not seen any fliers or brochures in my home mailbox from either candidate. They may have been thrown away or overlooked but I have not seen any, and that to me would be very effective and in a way a bit more professional than the back-and-forth arguing I have been seeing. There was also the 2016 Election Forecast in our readings, but I could not see how that related to the analysis reading. It basically showed Hillary Clinton winning all the things in pretty much every area. Back to direct mailing, voters also feel more informed on candidates’ policies when they receive brochures or fliers in the mail. With these two candidates though I would expect nothing less than some slander or attacks in their brochures and only some information about their policies. That seems to be the theme for this election.


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