Week 10 News Post: Why Direct Mailing Still Works

In our readings we learned about the effectiveness of direct mailing voters. It allows for more information, less attacks and adds a personal quality to campaigning. Campaigns and Elections’ article “Direct Mailing is Still Here and It’s Actually Better Than Ever” explains why direct mailing is stronger than ever regardless of how we would think the digital world is the way to go. According to the article, “[c]ontrary to what some may think, the numbers show that direct mail is scanned or read more now than ever before. In a world with so much other distraction, direct mail is becoming more effective not less” (Yates, Andy. Direct Mailing). Like in our readings, statistics show that people on average like receiving direct mail and find it more reliable and more informative. According to the article, 79% of all households at least scan their direct mail and 55% claim to read all of their mail. That is a lot of reach for a seemingly dead medium. Even Millennials, the digital age group, like direct mail more than digital in regards to campaigns. It just shows direct mailing is a great way to reach voters and get candidates’ messages about their policies and views across.


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