Week 11 News Post: Money Follows Power

What we learned from our readings is that when people run for office, many more people love to jump on that bandwagon and donate! Most of them donate large amounts to get recognition and benefits that may come in the form of gaining influential power or at least connections to those who either already have it or soon will. Their donations allow candidates to be well known among the public, share their advertisements with greater reach and effectively get the candidates’ messages and policies across to the people. Candidates who do not have great funding to back them struggle to even have their names recognized by voters. According to OpenSecrets.org’s article Top 10 Things Every Voter Should Know About Money-In Politics, “These supporters give money to politicians every election cycle. A politician who’s received contribution after contribution from a political patron is much more likely to entertain his or her concerns during a time of political — even personal — need. Money often equals access, and access equals action. Indeed, the love that comes with campaign contributions is a two-way street.” So like our readings taught, there is much to be gained when donating to candidates, especially if they win. Money follows power and power means benefits and connections. Donors recognize that and often become financially and socially invested in elections. It is oftentimes questionable what people will do to gain power in politics but that is how the game works.


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