Week 12 News Post: Facts Don’t Lie

In the LA Times article, “The good, the bad and the ugly campaign ads of 2016” there were many similarities between the date in our readings and the ones they found. A few amazing facts they discovered were that, “[s]ince Jan. 1, candidates for president and their supporters have aired more than 210,000 television commercials, almost all in those four early-voting states. The Wesleyan Media Project, a research group at Wesleyan University, has calculated that spending on ads has already reached $156 million, almost triple what was spent by this point in the 2012 campaign.” The staggering number of ads and the amount spent on them all to discredit the opposing candidate is astounding. It works though. Negative ads do have more of an effect at public recall than positive ads do, and they definitely can sway a crowd one way or the other in regards to a candidate. One of the ads mentioned is “Clear Difference” from Donald Trump’s team. In this ad he repeats his ignorant claim of how immigrants are flooding America and how we only need look at the rise in crime to see how this is a major problem when statistics show net migration has declined and U.S. citizens tend to commit crimes more often than immigrants. The facts do not lie.


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