Week 13 News Post: Everybody Stay Calm. It’s Happening!


Ok, everyone. It’s time to sit back, eat pizza and watch the world burn together. It’s happening. It is the last Saturday before the election, and Trump and Hillary are making a mad dash for those last few states. Clinton went to South Florida and Philadelphia while Trump went to Florida, Reno, Denver, and North Carolina. Incredibly though, it seems like the race is already over judging by the 33 million voters who turned out Friday for early voting. According to The New York Times article, Presidential Election: High Early
Turnout Among Latino Voters Could
Mean Trouble for Donald Trump, “Analyses of the early vote suggest a highly competitive finish — fitting for the state [Florida] that brought us the 2000 recount — but with Hispanics voting in far greater numbers than they did four years ago. If those voters break to Mrs. Clinton, it could be difficult for Mr. Trump to win Florida.” Also to Trump’s disadvantage, he pushed for Western votes in Nevada even though the voting period ended on Friday and he’s still singing his tired tune of building a wall despite what anyone says. Meanwhile Clinton is turning concerts into votes with her James Taylor concert in Manchester. Regardless, it has been and will continue to be a circus show Tuesday night.


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