Week 14: So, what the giant F*** just happened?

So, what the giant F*** just happened? That is basically what everyone in the media and Hillary supporters are asking. Every statistic, every poll, everything pointed to Hillary Clinton becoming President and yet we have a racist, sexist, xenophobic orange sitting in the white house meeting Obama right now. So, how did this happen? According to The New York Times article, How Did The Media-How Did We-Get This Wrong?, “What we now know is that a huge part of the country is far more upset about the ills that he was pointing to and promising to fix than any of the flaws that we were pointing out about him as a candidate.” There is a great divide in this country not just between Democrats and Republicans but between generations who absolutely hate Hillary for her past actions and those who are still so upset over things like the Vietnam War and lasting consequences from that as opposed to the people today who thought we were living in a much newer America, one that has moved on from those past atrocities and is looking to a better future. There is also mention in this article that if the Democratic party had run with any other campaign than Hillary Clinton, they would have won. I agree with this because the people who lived through some of her past mistakes and don’t agree with her choices in office, have a deep seeded hate for her that they just will never let go of. Politico’s article, How did everyone get it so wrong?, suggests hidden voters who supported Trump and were even anonymously too embarrassed to say so were part of why he won, others believed the resurgence of the Clinton email investigation by the FBI happened at just the right time even if she was cleared and no further charges were pressed, and lastly some people just believed the media were living in a bubble ignoring all the statistics that showed Trump actually had a real chance in beating Hillary and projected that message of denial to the public, and now “that bubble’s been burst” (Vogel, Isenstadt). CNN’s article, How politicians, pollsters and media missed Trump’s groundswell, says again that they underestimated their own country’s depth of anger. It also blames media being so far removed from the public because most of them are in New York or D.C. and those places are starkly different compared to the rest of the country. The Electoral College is also something to consider. Hillary won the popular vote, but Trump won the projected electoral vote. The Electoral College doesn’t actually vote until December 19th and they still could vote Hillary Clinton to be the President if they so wish, even if their votes are against they states they represent. They merely have to pay a fine. So, we shall see. Either way, if Trump is President or Hillary, we shall see how the future of this country unfolds. Right now with all the protests, stories of harassment and hate speech directed toward members of minorities, riots, assaults I am deeply concerned for myself as a woman and also for my friends who are Latino, Black, Asian, Islamic and so on. I am fearful of this America that has shown itself just three days after Trump has been in office.


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